Monday, 29 September 2014

Day Out| Theme Park

Yesterday, Sunday 28th September I went for a day trip to a popular theme park here in the UK, Alton Towers. It was in celebration of my friend, who was ill earlier this year, getting back to her normal self! The weather was perfect, sunshine and heat, therefore we weren't complaining getting wet on the water rides! 

Firstly we shuffled around the sea life center inside Alton Towers. Hundreds of funny looking fish, from sharks to sting rays and even Finding Nemo. You could walk through tunnels which runs through the center of the tanks, as you are able to see all the sea life surrounding you. Also there are interactive sections as you walk through, workers giving you information about the different fishes and even getting a manicure from shrimps! 

We then went on a few rides, water rapids and Air, before munching away on the most incredible doughnuts ever! Freshly cooked, sugar coated doughnuts were one of the highlights of the day! Afterwards we marched onto a Cable Car, stretching across the whole park and woodland until we came to further rides. As the heat was rising I gladly brought a Raspberry Slushie which defiantly worked its charm and kept me active for the remainder of the day. 

Saturday, 27 September 2014

Everything Happens For A Reason

In a nest I have created under the duvet, tissues in hand, I have had time to reflect my outlook on life whilst I've been ill. 
Everything happens for a reason. Is this true? Or is it someone's excuse of feeling free from anguish? I believe in this quote for multiple reasons and here's why...

I believe that in life things happen that are beyond your control, someone dying to dangerous weather. Things happen but life goes on. I strongly believe that our experiences make us who we are today, a stronger individual. You can't know happiness unless you've felt sadness and pain. And pain demands to be felt. 

In life I have seen and felt some horrible things and emotions, anxiety, stress, grief and general unhappiness, all rolled into one year. However now I think, why did I feel like that? Why did I let my emotions control my life in a negative way? Honestly? It's because I wasn't a strong enough person than I am today. This is because I never had to deal with exam stress or the death of a friend till then. Nonetheless if I didn't have an infliction of grief and anxiety, I wouldn't be living my life to the fullest. 

My friend passed away last summer, 2013, he was only 15 years old and it was caused by an accident. Although I wasn't close to him, like others, I still felt hundreds of emotions brewing in me. As time went on, I felt more pain and the realization, he wasn't coming back . I would cry, be angry at the world for such cruelty and feel guilty for my own happiness. However as time passed, I had a sort of epiphany, I decided a year later after his death, I was going to live my life in honor of him. I was going to live my life for anyone who couldn't live no more. As brutal and heart breaking a death is, whether its a family member, friend or pet, it can make you stronger if you let it.

Our experiences make us who we are, sometimes they are happy, sometimes they are sad, but nothing will change, unless you choose too. Everything does happen for a reason, war for justice, fights for dominance, it's just sometimes, you need to dig deeper for that reasoning. 

 Because, everything does happen for a reason. The reasoning just takes time.

Friday, 26 September 2014

Autumn Tag

Recently I have been loving reading peoples Autumn Tags, because Autumn is my favorite time of year! 

1. favorite thing about Autumn?

I love the sound of crunching leaves on the ground to the hot food like stews and endless cups of hot chocolate. I also adore how it's acceptable to wear thick woolly jumpers, scarves and hats, which makes the every day so much more cosy!

2. Favorite drink?

Obviously the hot chocolate! Whenever I finish college early I always pop into Costa and grab their large hot chocolate which tastes like heaven! 

3. Favorite scent?

I really like pumpkin spice by Yankee Candle, anything with pumpkin reminds me of Halloween! I also LOVE the smell of freshly bakes bread and cupcakes! 

4. Go to colour for eyes?

It's always golds and browns, always! They are so simple to wear for everyday and the neutral tone matches nearly any outfit for this time of year!!

5. Favorite band/ singer?

I'm really liking Sam Smith, especially his song 'Money on my mind', it's a great relaxing song whilst reading a book! I also really like 5SOS, English Love Affair and Don't Stop are part of my morning jam before college! 

6. Favorite outfit to wear?

For college I love wearing skinny high waisted jeans, cute crop top, leather jacket and little boots. However for the weekends I like to mix it up by wearing skater dresses too my pjs! 

7. Autumn treat?

I love apple cupcakes at the moment, especially if they have cinnamon on! I also love toffee apples which is fairly common in the UK around Halloween/ Bonfire night. 

8. Favorite place to be?

At home, under the duvet with a good film/ book whilst gulping a hot chocolate!!

9. Favorite movie?

A Halloween related movie which I always love watching is 'The corpse's bride'. I remember when I was younger I used to be scared of the animated film, however I've grown to really like it! Of course Bridget Jones is always a favorite at any time of the year, including lazy Sundays! 

10. Favorite day out?

I love going to the park and seeing all the changing leaves, Or just staying inside watching a film and eating chocolate!!

DISCLAIMER: I do not own any of these pictures above, all sourced from Google images.

A//W Must Haves| Beauty

The cold crisp mornings welcome the Autumn day alongside endless fashion a beauty with it. Keep reading to see what beauty and makeup items have been hitting my check list this year. 

Lets Hear It For The Lips! 

From a bold lipstick to nude. From a glitter lip gloss to a lip balm, they are all essential in looking stylish and fab during the cold days. Rimmel London created 'Apocalips' a few years back, a lip stick/ gloss which stays put throughout the day. Now they're back and even more popular with different matte shades. I love the nude pink shade below as I think it'll be perfect for the ever day! 

Rimmel London Apocalips Matte Lipstick
Rimmel London- Apocalips Matte Lipstick| Atomic Rose £6.50 

Everyone needs a good lip-balm to stop them puckering up a cracked lip! This one from Maybelline is a clear favorite amongst many ladies as it helps to hydrate the lips and leaves a shine throughout the day. Put on by itself or over the top of a lipstick!Best of all its a bargain at £2.99!! 

Maybelline Baby lips| Lip balm hydrate £2.99

Follow The Shadows

NARS appears to be a firm favorite in the beauty world, even though it's expensive, I'd be lying if I didn't say the eye shadow duo below stunned me. I loved the shimmer green shadow alongside the pale purple and I see this becoming a key piece in anyone's makeup collection as the colours do represent this time of year! 

NARS Limited Edition Lost Coast Eyeshadow Duo
NARS Limited Edition| Lost Coast Eye Shadow Duo £25

Cream Shadows aren't something I'v ever really taken too as I have heard it's quiet difficult to blend out properly compared to a usual powder. However Bourjois have persuaded me recently with mass of pretty glitzy colours appearing in the cream form. I love the shad below as it's very neutral. 

Bourjois Color Edition 24hrs Cream To Powder Eyeshadow
Bourjois Colour Edition Cream to Powder Eye Shadow £6.99  £5!

One For the Face 

It's no secret I am a HUGE Rimmel London fan and I have personally been loving this foundation below for a good half the year now. It's so easy to apply, offers a medium but build-able coverage and lasts throughout the day.  Extremely affordable especially with the sale on at the moment from ASOS! 

Rimmel London Lasting Finish Nude Foundation
Rimmel London Lasting Finish Foundation £7.99 £5.50

This powder my Benefit is slightly more pricey compared to other high street brands like Rimmel London and Max Factor, however it does what it says on the packaging! The powder helps to reduce shine, focusing on the pores, mainly on your T-zone, throughout the day. It also comes with a handy brush that fastens on the top so it's travel friendly. 

Benefit POREfessional Powder: Agent Zero Shine
Benefit Porefessional Powder £ 23.50 
Hair Drama 

In the mist of winds, rain and storms that bring A//W we need to take extra care of our hair! Bedhead is a firm favorite as their products, like the conditioner below, actually helps maintain my hair. If you have thick, wavy hair like me which is hard to manage on a daily basis their products will transform the frizz to shine.

Tigi Bed Head Recharge Conditioner 200ml
BedHead Recharge Conditioner £ 13.00

A tangle teezer is essential to smooth the mane! 

Tangle Teezer Professional Detangling Brush Purple & Pink
Tangle Teezer Professional Detangling Brush £10.50

The Bod 

Your skin may feel the effects of the cold weather by feeling dry, this body lotion can solve the problem! I LOVE the packaging I think it's soo cute, however I have heard great reviews about this brand saying the Lotion sinks into your skin so you're not left in a greasy mess!

Green & Spring Relaxing Body Lotion 300ml
Green& Spring Relaxing Body Lotion £22
Who doesn't like peppermint? This liquid soap is made with organic products like coconut oil to leave the skin feeling smooth and soft. It's a favorite if you're vegan as its almost 100% vegan friendly!
Image 1 of Dr. Bronner Organic Peppermint Castile Liquid Soap 472ml
Dr. Bronner Organic Peppermint Liquid Soap £8.50

Thursday, 25 September 2014

A//W Must Haves| Fashion

I'm currently writing this whilst the sun is shining, which is bazaar as it's now autumn! Autumn is my favorite part of the year, crunchy leaves, rainy weather and endless hot chocolates. I have been loving the fashion recently that has wondered it's way onto my computer screen, therefore I thought I'd show you a snippet of some of my A//W must haves!

Ted Baker £129

How AMAZING is this playsuit from ASOS? I love the check print throughout piece, I think this would be great for a lunch out or shopping trip! I love the wrap around v neck as I think it makes the outfit look mature alongside the colour choices which scream Autumn.  

ASOS £45
ASOS £55

Sunday, 21 September 2014

Sand in my toes| Beach Day Out

As the sun was surprisingly shining in England today we went for a spontaneous trip to wales to chill and enjoy the cool breeze. In honesty I dressed completely wrong, wearing skinny jeans, t shirt and a jacket I was sweltering alongside my dog, Monty here are a few pics of the day! 

In Wales there is tonnes of different shells, I'm sure there is at every beach, I couldn't resist taking a few shots of my favorites!

After a while of walking alongside the sea front, we decided it was best to head back to the car park, which was still on the beach side, and walk down to a nearby chippy for lunch. We literally gobbled our chips down, which were amaze-balls, before we headed home. 

Saturday, 20 September 2014

Milan Fashion Week| Favorites So Far

Milan Fashion Week kicked off the other day, straight after LFW, hot styles walked down the cat walk and I'm here to share my favorite looks/ designers so far. 

Alberta Ferretti

Alberta used many different textures and patterns in his pieces, which I loved. For instance the dress featured below is just simply beautiful. I love the little embroided flowers against the brown crochet dress with knee-high gladiators. I also adore the 2nd dress as its flowly, and god-ess like with a trailing floral pattern down the body. 


Blumarine used bright, fun colours to represent the summer vibe, which totally worked! I LOVE the dress below, it's so wearable, I would wear this to a summer party or out for lunch its so versatile too, dress it up and dress it down! Same goes for the second dress, I love the colour white and light blue, and again this is the perfect summer piece with the cute floral design!


It appears floral's are in for spring/ summer 2015? Once again another floral dress made it's way along the catwalk, however instead of cute delicate patterns Giamba has created bright, graphic florals, like the dress featured below. I like the collection as one minute the clothes are 'wow' and then 'cute' like the second dress here. I love the white little dress with the beautiful peter pan collaring. Of course the spotted tights make both outfits slightly edgy and unique which i love. 

Giorgio Armani

Giorgio Armani obviously had to be featured on my blog as I love this brand and they didn't disappoint me either! The collection was classy and elegant wearing mainly neutrals. I love the jacket below as the texture looks really interesting and the colour can be suited for any occasion. I also love the trousers in the second outfit, the quirky wave print makes the outfit stand out, I can imagine this piece walking down the streets of Paris!


I have to say I am stunned by the outfit below as this is right up my street. I love the shirt, the combination of a spotted fabric against simple block colours like yellow, totally works! The navy high waisted shorts complete the look as it singes in at the waist with a navy clasp belt. Perfect for dinner out or shopping with your friends!

Les Copains

The collection was beautiful, whites and statements necklaces made hearts in my eyes (cringey but true). The dress below is fab, a sheer leaf pattern over a simple white tunic, paired with cork shoes and a gorgeous, red statement necklace really make the outfit classy. Same with the second dress, I love the different patterns and textures represented throughout the collection. 

Roberto Cavalli

Mainly featuring blacks and whites the collections was a win-win with unique patterns and textures. The dress below is stunning with cute, little, floral detailing alongside a v- neck, perfect for a romantic get away. The second dress is slight daring, with sheer panels running through it and a fur clutch create a punk/ rock vibe which is totally a favorite of mine at the minute. 

LFW street style: