Saturday, 25 July 2015

July Favourites

Happy Saturday everyone! Today's post is my July Favourites as it is that time of year again, how fast has this year gone? As I am off on my Summer break I have been loving a lot of pretty, cute items, so enjoy!

Polaroid Camera- Birthday/ London Polariods

I received a Polaroid camera for my birthday in June and this past month I have seized many chances of snapping some old fashioned and hipster photo's from my birthday party to London. If you wish to read about my time in London, drinking and dining in The Savoy,Click Here

Flowers are a new love of mine, I love picking out fresh flowers from the florists or even from my garden. My mum very kindly brought me my favourite flower, a sunflower plant, the other day! I love sun flowers as they are bright and remind me of happiness! My grandma also brought me the lovely bunch of pink flowers, up above, for getting an A in my first year at college! 

Soap & Glory| Hand Food| Body Mist| Scrub

As the weather has warmed up, very slightly in the UK, you need to keep you body moisturiser! I have been a HUGE fan of Soap & Glory for many years now, I adore their packaging, products and their scent. The body mist, featured in the centre, is a spray on moisturiser which is perfect after showers as it's not sticky in the slightest! 

Summer Reads| Take a Look at Me Now- Miranda Dickinson
Katy Carter Wants a Hero- Ruth Saberton 

Reading a good girly book in summer is my favourite thing to do, whether it's on the beach or just chilling in the garden. The two books I've put in this post are two of my favourite summer reads, they are inexpensive, easy and quick to read. 

Blue Quote Notebook| TKMAXX
Parisian Notebook| Paperchase

Having fun and pretty notebooks are my all time favourite thing, I love making lists, keeping a diary and writing new ideas for blog posts. 

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  1. I really want one of those polaroid cameras!