Saturday, 12 September 2015

Barcelona Photo Diary| Part 1

Day 1 Arrival and Exploring

On 3rd September my family and I went on a long awaited holiday to Barcelona! My parents prefer staying in apartment/ villa accommodations on our holidays as they don't like the scheduled meals in hotels. The apartment we stayed in was on the first floor of a rather quiet street with a Terence looking out to other buildings. I was surprised at how many palm tree's there are in Barcelona! 

Day 2| Casa Batllo

On Day 2 we woke up fairly early and made a quick 10 minute walk to Casa Batllo which is situated on one of the main streets in Barcelona lined with designer shops and posh restaurants. The building was designed by Gaudi, who is a famous artist/ architecture, many years ago. The front of the building is breath taking with skeleton like balconies which apparently warned off unwanted visitors in previous decades. Throughout the building are amazing stone work, using a ray of colours to brighten up the tall building. 

Day 3| The Harbor 

Day 3 we went on a relaxing walk to the harbor which was a fairly long walk, thankfully we stopped off at an Irish Bar (Typical Brit) to refresh ourselves as the weather was reaching late 20 degrees. The harbor is so pretty filled with many boats for fishing and even cruise ships. 

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