Saturday, 4 April 2015

When in Paris| Day 3&4

Day 3| Eiffel Tower & Louvre 

After an amazing two days in Paris I was excited on Wednesday, once again we woke up bright an early, greeted by a selection of plain croissants and chocolate one's from the local super market. Alongside it was jam, orange juice and peppermint tea. Despite the weather being rather cold it was sunny which is always good when walking outside and taking pictures of famous landmarks in Paris!
The first stop we went to was the Eiffel Tower, it is HUGE! If you have seen it before you will realise why it is such an iconic sight, it's amazingly structured! 
We were lucky enough to skip the hour long queue's to go up the Eiffel Tower by pre booking our tickets months in advance, so we ended up only waiting for 10 minutes! At the top of the Tower you can see over the whole of Paris and it's cute little Parisian streets, the sunlight truly makes the pictures seem extra special.

 Once again the Louvre is stunning, the whole building is massive which incredible design's and layouts alongside the famous glass triangle in the centre. Inside were masses of art and sculptures from around the globe at various decades. I was lucky enough to see the Mona Lisa!
That night we walked back along the streets leading up to the Eiffel Tower and popped into a nearby restaurant where we all indulged in a huge burger and chips. As it was our final night in Paris we took a quick stroll to the base of the Eiffel Tower to see it lit up at night once more before it glittered at 10 pm!

Day 4| Patisserie & home

After packing for home we went once again for a stroll to the nearby cafe that sold us the most amazing croissants and tea! We timed the weather well as it was raining heavily throughout the morning which made me the excuse to venture in some of the local shops. I brought my first ever macaroons from a Hotel shop and they even made it through the flight home with no breakages! When the weather had cleared we walked towards the Eiffel Tower again and stopped in a patisserie shop which had a selection of pretty treats including Easter cakes! I chose a raspberry and chocolate mousse cake which I ate at the base of the Tower under a little shelter to stop me getting soaked by the rain!

Afterwards it was time for home with a final goodbye of the Eiffel Tower and the scary ride around the Arc De Triumph which is seriously so life threatening! 
Overall it was a splendid trip after such a tough start to the year. 

When in Paris

Day 1| Travelling

On Monday morning we mainly spent the day travelling from Cheshire to Paris on the plane, we got our first glimpse of the amazing apartment we were staying in. It was decorated beautifully with views of the Eiffel Tower from the living room and kitchen alongside numerous French doors with pretty Juliet balconies. For the remainder of the day we went on a nice stroll around the Eiffel Tower which was only a 5 minute walk away before searching for something to eat.

 We found a little Italian Restaurant near the arc de triomph where we all indulged in pizza! Afterwards we did take another walk up the main road to see the arc de triompth lit up at night. My goodness it was stunning! The detail of the arch was crazy and everywhere was lit up making the scene more magical than in the day! After a walk around the arch we walked back to our apartment which was a good 30 minute walk away and was taken away by a glittering Eiffel Tower! You may be like me and not know that the Eiffel Tower glittered with thousands of lights on each hour for 5 minutes from 8pm- 12pm, it feel's like Christmas and truly magical! 

Day 2| Religious Day

We woke up bright and early to have a stroll down a market street 5 minutes from where we were staying, we came across a cute little Cafe which sold typical French breakfast including Croissant, Jam, Bread rolls, orange juice and tea/ coffee. It was delicious as the pastries were fresh and warm from across the road and we were greeted by regulars drinking their morning coffee! Afterwards we risked the tube which is like the London Underground, we took a short journey to the Sacre- Coeur, which is a breathtaking cathedral placed on top of a hill giving you great views of Paris.

 Inside it's white exterior was silence, everyone was quiet as you walked around the Cathedral taking in the amazing stain glassed windows. I lit a candle for more granddad who passed away last month and prayed for his peace. Outside was windy and rather cold so we took a departure to find some food, we found a tiny hole in the wall,a walk from the Cathedral which sold the biggest baguettes ever and sat in a nearby bench.

After we then got back on the tube and went to the Notre Dame, which again was a breath taking cathedral, however so different in comparison to the Sacre- Coer, it was a Medieval style Church which appeared very dark inside. I loved how the stain glass windows shone even more through the darkness and the carved stone work on the outside was impressive.