Saturday, 27 August 2016

Manchester Pride 2016

Hello everyone! This weekend I ventured into a Manchester for a different kind of Saturday day out, Manchester Pride! After hearing about the annual parades hitting the UK recently, I did some research into what actually Gay- Pride is. It appeared to be an exciting, fun way to celebrate all sexuality as well as raising Aids and HIV awareness. So we booked our tickets and headed down.

The Parade
Today, Saturday, the main streets of Manchester were decorated in rainbows, glitter and unique fancy dress, from dalmatians to drag. Hundreds lined the streets to welcome the paraders and I was pleasantly surprised to see so many families and young children there, a good way to start the concept equality young. At 1pm the parade hit off, music, dancing and whistle blowing came down the paths. 

Food and Drinks

Once the parade finished, it began raining (typical British weather), so we headed for the nearest restaurant, which actually turned out to be fab. It was called ' The Grill on New York Street'. With fancy decor and a pleasing menu, it was a winner. I had a classic beef burger, washed, more liked gulped down, with a rhubarb and orange fizz cocktail. As we had already purchased tickets to Pride online, we managed to get a 20% discount, which is always welcome!

Canal Street and More
Canal Street AKA. Gay Village. Entering the grounds to the centre of Pride, I was not sure what to expect as I have never been to a Pride before or even a gay club. However, the atmosphere was incredible, so many people packed in the streets outside the pubs and clubs, laughing, singing and dancing in their own little bubble, definitely made the occasion even more cheerful. The drinks were cheap with pints of cider and beer at £2.50 and shots £2. Inside a warehouse was crammed with many charity stands from HIV, RSPCA and many more. The main stage for live music was a few minutes walk from the main strip of the village, to be honest the stage and the area was a lot smaller than I had thought, but yet again the atmosphere was amazing. 

I would recommend anyone to go, I am straight and still had a whale of a time supporting everyone's choice, preference and life style, and so should you.