Wednesday, 23 September 2015

The Autumn Tag

1. Favourite Autumn Scent?

I love candles and room sprays with a Spiced Apple and Cinnamon Scent, it just reminds me that Christmas is around the corner! I also love the smell of wood burning which is a regular weekend 'thing' as we like to roast marshmallows over the open fire when the weather get's cooler. 

2. The Thing I Love Most About Autumn

I defiantly love Autumn for the weather, I'm more of a cosy- give me tea and a blanket- kinda girl, so Summer isn't my favourite season. I also love how social able the months are with Halloween, Bonfire Night and the Christmas Spirit/ NYE around the corner.

3. My Favourite Drinks and Food's To Eat

I'm a sucker for a good hot chocolate either from Starbucks or Lint Chocolate power mix topped with lots of mini marshmallows in my favourite mug! As in England the weather get's fairly cold and brittle, especially in the final weeks of Autumn, my family and I love stodge, home cooked meals. Such as Beef Stew and Dumplings, typical Roast Dinner and I LOVE making my Spicy Tomato Soup and Home made Walnut Bread. 

4. Seasonal Trends I Love

Recently I have been loving the Suede trend, even brought myself a beautiful burnt orange A- Line suede skirt from Primark... just £8! Of course Tartan is up there as well as I feel it's a typical seasonal trend with tartan scarf's and skirts making an appearance once again. However I also really like Black Chelsea Boots with a thick small heel and Peep toe finish, I feel these types of shoes are very chic and edgy for the cooler months, perfect for spicing up your jeans and jumper combo!

5. Seasonal Hobbies

As it gets cooler and more, I need a thick jumper and ear muffs, weather, I do tend to stay indoors a lot more. One hobby I always do, all year round, is baking. I love baking cakes, bread and tarts. As it comes to Autumn and Winter I intend on baking a lot, I've already decided I'm attempting a Ginger Bread House for Christmas! I also LOVE reading, whether it's a chick lit or a mystery thriller, something about being all cosy underneath the duvet with candles burning and a cup of tea makes my nights better. 

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