Saturday, 12 September 2015

Barcelona Photo Diary Part 2

Day 4| Beach Day

This day we made the 30 minute walk to the beach. Many people think Barcelona doesn't have a beach as it is a City, however the beach is a lovely long strip of sandy shores and clearly blue water. On our walk back after spending the morning there, we ventured through small streets of the city, captivated by the variety of shops and spotting the odd church along our way. 

Day 5| Bus Tour

On this day we decided to go on a bus tour where you can hop on and off at any destination you choose along the way. The sighs were breath taking, the combination of the old fashioned city combined with modern day is such a pleasing contrast. One of the destinations we stopped off at was the Palace which is an impressive feature, overlooking the rest of Barcelona. Sadly the foundation weren't working but the Palace itself was very remarkable. Afterwards we went to the Olympic Park which again, gave us great views of Barcelona. As temperatures rose to late 20's and us being British, couldn't take the heat much longer, we went back to the Irish Bar for cocktails. 

Day 6| Sagrada Familia

Day 6 was hands down my most favorite day from the holiday, Sagrada Familia. The cities most popular destination which, not surprising was very extraordinary. It is a cathedral which after 100 years has still not be completed, is it such a surprise from the amazing detail though? Nope. The outside is covered with details of Jesus and figures with different meanings. Inside is just as good. The tall stained glass windows are coloured in colourful and bright glass, reflecting a ray of colours throughout the center when the sun shines on it. The ceiling carries the detail from outside, inside and the staircases and patterned with Gaudi's style. 
After gawping for hours, we went for a walk back to the harbor to watch the sunset which is one of my favorite things to do as I am fascinated by the sky. 

Day 7| Final Day

Sadly day 7 was our final day, after having a hectic and tiring few days we chose to chill and relax on the beach front before going out for a lovely meal. 
I was very supersized at how much there was to do in Barcelona as I and I'm sure many others assume theirs just the odd thing to see. I could have happily stayed their for a further week, continuing exploring the cities high lights and cute little streets. Thankfully the weather was wonderful for saying it was September it sure carried on the Summer Holiday Vibe. 

Hope you enjoyed the pictures! See Part 1 here

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