Friday, 10 October 2014

Mental Health Awareness Day

Today marks the day of ' Mental Health Awareness Day', where people all over the globe help to get the public aware of what some people actually go through, which can be over looked in every day life. Each year the scheme chooses a Mental Health topic to focus on like last year was Mental Health in older adults, this year is Schizophrenia, which affects about 1 in 100 people



  • See and hear things that are not there
  • Appear to act strange by responding to hallucinations 
  • Delusions
  • Muddled thoughts
  • Change in behaviorism 

There are at least 26 million people in the world living with Schizophrenia which means the general public needs to be more aware of how the sufferers are feeling. According to online resources a Schizophrenia episode can last to up to 6 weeks, which means 6 weeks of ill judgment, delusions and detach from reality. Although the causes are unknown, it has been said that it happens through changes of chemicals in the brain and also can be related to stressful experiences or drug abuse. 


Support our work

'Every year, our work changes thousands of lives but we can only make a difference because of the generosity and kindness of people like youWhether you make a single or regular donation, leave a gift in your Will, or set up a tribute fund you will be making a greatly appreciated contribution to continue our vital work. Your donations enable us to carry out research, develop services and campaign against the stigma that surrounds mental health and learning disabilities.'

Become aware of the people surrounding you. Mental Illness isn't a cry for help or has structured reasoning, it's simply a mind battle. Whether it's anxiety, depression or schizophrenia, we as a population should reach a better perspective over our mental health. So help and support the Mental Health Foundation, because you never know, it could be focusing on someone you know. 

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