Sunday, 20 July 2014

A jersey holiday

I've literally just got home from a lovely sunny week in jersey and I'm so eager to share with you the week! 
Saturday: we travelled from Liverpool airport to Jersey before taking in the amazing scenery. We stayed in a villa which was completed with a Hot tub, access too swimming pools, sport centre and golf range. 
Sunday: we mooched around the island which is rather small before heading to a beach, stepping over crabs. 
Monday: this day we went to 'hitlers bunkers and first aid tunnel'. I really recommend seeing it if you have the chance it's full of interesting information about the attack on jersey during WW2. 
(Portfolio card of a man in WW2 from jersey) 

Tuesday: we headed out to a nearby sea side town with a pretty harbour. We stopped off for lunch at a posh French cafe where the waiters came in dozens! 
Wednesday: it was heating up too 29 degrees so we headed to St Helia which is the main city of the island. Here we went shopping and stopped off at a cute beach. 
Thursday: it was a chilled day spending majority of it on the beach before heading out for a meal by the sea front
We then headed out for an evening walk to a lighthouse. It was slightly nippy but worth it! 
Friday: we spent most of the day at the beach which was full of tourists soaking up the heat. It reached 34 degrees and it's fair to say my legs have been fried. Later we went to a chippy which had the BEST chips ever! We ate them on the beach before having a hot tub session back at the villa.

Saturday: today was leaving day however we had until 6pm to depart the island. It started off with a lovely breakfast along the beach and then a sighting around the island. 
( we even visited devils hole) 
Hope you enjoyed the pics! 


  1. Beautiful pictures, Amy. Thanks for sharing your experience. It seems that you are having a fun and relaxing getaway. I hope you have a great week.


    1. Thanks for your comment, glad you enjoyed it! I'm having a good week, hope you are too.