Saturday, 3 December 2016


Yes it is December which means it's time for sparkles and glitter. This DIY is perfect for an added shimmer in your room this Christmas and is easy and affordable to do!

You Will Need

  • Plain NOEL letter blocks
  • Dark Grey Paint
  • Acrylic Silver Paint
  • Silver Glitter Glue
  • Painting sponges/ brushes

Step 1.
Make sure you have a clear area that is protected, I used bin liners to stop paint from marking my furniture.

Step 2.
Squeeze out the grey paint and put a small amount on a paint palette or plate along with the silver paint separately. 

Step 3.
Using the sponges, dab on the grey paint on the N, E and L and leave to dry.

Step 4.
Using a clean sponge, dab on the silver paint to the 'O' or the snowflake in this case and leave to dry. 

Step 5.
Continue to do a second coat on all letters to make the colours more opaque and wait for them to dry.

Step 6. 
Once dry, take the 'O' or the snowflake and using the silver glitter glue, line the edge of the shape with glitter. This will take longer dry than the paint, so make sure you're not tempted to touch it once finished too early to avoid the glue going everywhere!

Step 7.
Finally, when all the letters are dry, you can put them on display!

I hope you enjoyed this little DIY, I personally LOVE the sign and think it is very elegant and classy.
You can also purchase plain signs and shapes from hobby craft including an angel, Christmas tree and star if you wanted an alternative option.

Merry Christmas!

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