Friday, 5 June 2015

Health and Fitness

Summer has arrived and that mean's it is time for sun bathing, pool parties and wearing swim suits, but what about keeping fit and healthy throughout this season? Generally a lot of teenagers take summer as a 'chill out' period, often getting up late in the day, parties and eating rubbish, this year, for me, is going to be different!
Walking is a great way to do some gentle exercise for however long you please, whether it is walking your dog, a walk with your friend or just time by yourself. Walking helps to clear your head and leaves you open to the fresh air.
Yoga is my favourite work out, many people believe Yoga does not have the same benefits as going to the gym, however it does. I like Yoga because it is a gentle yet hard going exercise you can do in the comfort of your own home or in a professional class. It has emotional benefits as well as Yoga relaxes and calms you, this is perfect for distressing or if you have trouble sleeping.
Adventure Sports
Why not bring fun into exercise? Go on dry ski slopes if you can with your friends or rock climbing, something that is really exciting and that all your friends will enjoy. Even just going for a swim can be fun with a friend, have races, try new strokes and you can even do water Aerobics!
Eating Well
Being healthy does not mean eating fruit and vegetables all the time, being healthy simply means maintain a well balanced diet. Make sure you eat regular portions of vegetables and fruits alongside meat/ fish, however it is also important to have good fats as well as the occasional treat!

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