Sunday, 3 May 2015

Dealing with Exam Stress

Hello there! This post is focussing on anyone who has upcoming exams, whether that may be GCSE's, ALevels or others, I hope these tips will help you like they helped me last year. Last year I did my GCSE exams, which in the UK are main end of high school exams which determine what you can go onto next, educational wise. 

1. Organise

One of the most important things in achieving your goals, whether it is that C or an A* is planning your time wisely. The reason why I stress this is because you need to have a balance. A balance of work, social life and your own time. For instance a month leading up to the exams I wrote out a time table for me to follow out of school hours. This time table focused on the most current exams and/ or the exams I found hardest like science and maths. However my time table also allows me time to spend with my friends and family, so I did not go insane and time for myself, whether it was a walk or reading a book. 

2. Note Taking

As I am sure many of your teachers will stress that it is important to take notes for later revision. However what I found whilst I was at high school was that they did not encourage me to find a method that suited me best. Whether you like a spider diagram, lists, post-it notes or flash card, USE IT. Use the method you find helpful as everyone is different. I personal found that flash cards and speaking about certain subject e.g.e World War 2 for History helped me remember the kept points. Using different coloured pens and highlighters to make it more interesting also.

3. Maintain your health

It is very easy to get caught up in revision and stress during this tough time, however the only way you can really achieve these exams is by maintaining your health. Eat a well- balanced diet with lots of fruit and veg to keep energy levels up and drink lots of water to keep you from dozing off in lesson! Also sleep is really crucial, I would suggest to go to sleep around about 10 pm, that way you should get enough time for waking up at 7am or whatever time in the morning for you to function. If you have trouble sleeping then reading, writing a diary or even taking herbal tablets help.

4. Good Hobbies

I found that doing hobbies each week helped me greatly as it kept my anxiety down as well as stress. My hobbies include baking, I LOVE to bake, whether it's a cake or a pudding, it was a de-stresser for me. I also kept a diary to write all my emotions down when things got too much. One thing I would deeply suggest doing the night before an exam, before you go to sleep, is Yoga. Yoga is a great way of building your inner core as well as relaxing you. I had trouble sleeping, so by doing 20 minutes of Yoga each night really relaxed me whilst keeping fit. 

Lastly, Good luck with your exams, stay calm, cool and collected :)


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