Tuesday, 11 November 2014

What makes winter, winter

As the skies are turning darker in the day and the leaves have fully vanished from the tree's, it's starting to feel like winter. Winter is my favourite season, Christmas, new years eve and generally I tend to see more family and friends throughout these months. I'm about to share with you some of what makes winter, winter, n my eyes. 

1. The weather
Often I hear people complaining about the cold UK weather, the high winds, rains and cloudy days, however I LOVE it. It's something about a damp and blustery day that makes me feel cosier and more relaxed than having the sun blaring in! I am however ' dreaming of a white Christmas', which is highly unlikely as snow only appears when the Christmas cheer has ended in January. 

2. The fashion
Okay, as much as I like wearing cute little dresses and skirts, I much prefer wrapping up in big scarves, coats and hats, especially wooly jumpers, too feel that extra bit more comfortable. I love the fashion at the moment, the over sized clothing to the tartan blanket scarves and I have seen lots of glittery dresses ready to be brought the NYE.

3. The food
Obviously food had to make an appearance in my blog post! From costa hot chocolates too thick stews in the evening, really does make me feel winter is on it's way. Of course I can not forget the Christmas dinner, lots of gravy with turkey and all the trimmings is a firm favourite throughout my house hold! 

4. Day/ Nights out
I feel winter becomes a more sociable time for me, because there just seems a lot more things to do around Cheshire than in summer! Going for Christmas meals, markets, shopping and even just chilling at home with a typical rom com with my girls. I am planning on going to the Manchester Markets this year for Christmas in December as I have heard there are lots of cute dainty stalls, perfect for presents. 

5. Boxing Day
As much as I love Christmas and spending the day with my family, eating good food and watching Home Alone, I do love boxing day. On boxing day it feels relaxed and chilled, just lazing around with new gifts, eating the Christmas left overs and seeing more family. 

What makes winter, winter for you?


  1. The food for me is a huge part of winter! I am always craving different things at this time of year.


  2. This post made me 10x more excited for Winter haha!

    http://rosabelleblogspot.blogspot.co.uk xx